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Rescuing Orphaned and Neglected Animals in Maricopa County

Animal euthanasia rates in Arizona are among the highest in the country. Over 100,000 orphaned pets wind up in shelters throughout the state each year, and between 45%-55% will end up being euthanized. A single shelter here in Maricopa County reports euthanizing and average of one pet every 10 minutes during business hours.

Ambassadors Against Animal Euthanasia

As Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement in central Arizona, the Russ George Agency is deeply concerned about the high kill rate in our state, and we are launching a campaign to promote rehabilitation and rehoming as an alternative to euthanasia.

During this campaign, we will be working to promote responsible pet ownership, encouraging pet guardians to have their animals spayed and neutered, and supporting a series of animal rescue operations that will assist in rehoming pets that have been orphaned, abused, or mistreated.

Thousands of animals in our area facing euthanasia, and we need your help to save them.

Your Help is Crucial

Your efforts are crucial to the success of this campaign. The best way for you to help is to invite your friends and loved ones to visit us here in at the Russ George Agency. While here, we will provide them with more information on this campaign as well as a free insurance consultation. And when they leave, we will offer a donation to a regional pet rescue effort IN YOUR NAME.

Help Us Make a Difference!

If you care as much as we do about the lives of orphaned animals, this is your chance to get involved and make a difference. Please join us, and let’s end the senseless killing of animals in our community.


Michael Bailey


Russ George Agency

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