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Tom Karmo with Pinnacle Capital Mortgage

A mortgage loan originator since the age of 21, I have always believed you are only as good as your least satisfied client. I quickly realized that what was going to separate me from my peers in this industry was to not only become more educated on the products I provide, but offer a level of service that goes beyond what has been accepted as the "standard" for a mortgage transaction. There is no reason someone should not be able to reach their loan officer directly on the weekend, or after hours.

People shouldn't have to worry about actually receiving the deal they were offered up front or have questions go unanswered on the first call. I work hard to make sure my clients have a experience that is positive enough to refer me to their friends and family.

4040 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 280

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: (480) 300-4377